Kuriame Lietuvos ateitį

LT Lietuviškai



We are producing quality products for the fishing industry, fish farming and delivering them to any place in the world at an agreed time.


Increase the range of manufactured ropes by using all possiblities of braiding machines of the company and start new straps ( slings) production for ship industy, equipoise production and increase production capacity. Increasing profitability of the comapany.




Good psychological climate

Taking care of team members


Every manager of UAB „Netmark“ commits that all subordinates understande the importance of their work, organizational values and principles of management system, all subordinates understande the external and interna customer requirements, ensure operational coordination and communication between all organization‘s workers.

Director of UAB „Netmark“ commits to comply with all requirements applicable to the company, is responsible for the efficiency of the quality management system, integration of the quality management system into the strategy and objectives of the organization, communication of the importance of effective quality management in the organization, representation of the organization and provision of information to the stakeholders, ensures the quality management system to achieve the planned results, promotes process improvement.

The achievement of values is ensured through the definition and implementation of the Purposes. Values are reviewed and updated not less than once a year. UAB “Netmark” manager ensures the renewal and expansion of values within the organization.