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We have 20 years of experience with manufacturing knotted netting in different fibers for pelagic trawling, bottom trawling, purse seining, aquaculture and other industries.

Apart from netting we offer all types of twines and ropes without treatment & with heat treatment and  impregnation


Our company is dedicated to manufacturing knotted nettings, ropes and twines.

We produce twines from Nylon, Polyester and  HMPE/Dyneema®

The braided ropes are both sold on spools but also used in our own production of netting. The ropes can be made of Nylon, Polyester or HMPE/Dyneema®

All of Netmarks manufactured nettings are made of high-quality raw materials for the fishing and aquaculture industry

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Industries We Serve!

Nettings made by UAB Netmark are made with knots and are suitable for purse seining, trawling and aquaculture. The materials these nettings are made of are Nylon and Dyneema®.

UAB Netmark is a manufacturer of knotted nylon and Dyneema® nettings for aquaculture. Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater species under controlled conditions.

When choosing a netting for sports, it is very important to clarify if it is an outdoor or indoor application. At UAB Netmark we have developed a high-class coating that makes the netting durable, abrasion resistant and contributes to the UV-resistance.

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