Twisted Twines


Nylon Twines PA

The Nylon thread we produce are 3 strand twines. Nylon is a silky material, which is thermoplastic and can be melted into fibers, films or shapes. Its also easy to dye, more readily fades; it has a higher impact resistance, a more rapid moisture absorption, greater elasticity, and elastic recovery.

Polyester Twines PES

Polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. The polyester material is used for a range of different products for example home furnishing, high-quality wood products, clothing, bottles, and films. The list of products with polyester is long and Netmark can add manufacturing of nettings and twines made of polyester.

Dyneema® twines HMPE

 Dyneema® fibers are extremely strong and have a low weight which makes twines and ropes made with Dyneema® ideal for a growing range of different applications.