TAILOR MADE         

tailor made

Custom made products

Apart from all our standard products Netmark offers custom designed products –  often a mix or different fibres –  which are made in order to solve a specific problem our customers may have.

 All nettings for the fishing industry are made of high-density raw materials, which provide us with extra strong nettings, that are especially suitable for bottom trawling and pelagic trawling. Trawling requires abrasion resistant nettings, why all Netmark nettings are impregnated with a unique coating, which makes the nettings last longer.

Aquaculture systems is another area where Netmark supplies nettings. Netmark manufactures knotted aquaculture nettings made of nylon or Dyneema® filaments depending on customer requirements to the properties of the net. When selecting aquaculture netting, factors such as material durability, mesh size, resistance to fouling, and environmental impact are important considerations to ensure the success and sustainability of the aquaculture operation.

UAB Netmark nettings come in various materials such as nylon, Dyneema®, polyester, polypropylene,  depending on the intended use and level of durability required. Additionally, they may be treated for UV resistance, flame retardancy, and weather resistance to ensure longevity and safety in different environments. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure the effectiveness of sport and safety nettings.