metal thimble

Ropes with Metal Thimbles

  1. HMPE/Dyneema® ropes with metal thimbles offer enhanced durability as the metal thimble acts as a protective shield for the spliced eye, guarding against abrasion and deformation in demanding applications.
  2. The metal thimble serves a dual purpose by providing structural support to the spliced eye, ensuring it maintains its shape and integrity even under heavy loads.
  3. An additional advantage of incorporating metal thimbles is the improvement in the D/d ratio, which represents the diameter of the rope (D) compared to the diameter of the curvature around which it is bent (d). This optimization contributes to increased strength and longevity in the connection.
  4. The combination of HMPE/Dyneema® ropes with metal thimbles proves to be a robust solution, especially in scenarios where the rope is frequently subjected to abrasion, ensuring both the longevity of the rope and the reliability of the connection point.

Ropes with Soft Eye

  1. HMPE/Dyneema® Ropes with soft eyes use extensively in numerous applications due to their exceptional manageability and ease of use, offering a versatile solution for tasks ranging from marine activities to industrial rigging.
  2. The soft eyes enhance the user-friendly nature of these ropes, allowing for quick and efficient handling, making them suitable for various scenarios where ease of usage is crucial.
  3. Their broad range of applications is further expanded by the flexibility of soft eyes, enabling seamless integration with different hardware and attachment points, ensuring adaptability to diverse tasks.
  4. A notable advantage is the improved D/d ratio when combined with thimbles, optimizing the diameter of the rope about the curvature around which it is bent. This enhancement in ratio contributes to better strength and longevity in the connection.
  5. Whether in sailing, construction, or general-purpose rigging, HMPE/Dyneema® Ropes with soft eyes stand out for their simplicity, manageability, and the added benefit of an optimized D/d ratio, making them a preferred choice across a wide spectrum of applications.

Soft Shackles

Soft Shackles, crafted from HMPE/Dyneema® technical fiber, are a ready-made alternative to traditional metal shackles. These lightweight and user-friendly shackles are designed to replace metal counterparts in various applications, offering a range of benefits:

  1. Adjustable: Soft Shackles provide flexibility in their usage, allowing for easy adjustments to accommodate different configurations and requirements. This adaptability makes them suitable for diverse applications.
  2. Easy to install and remove: The user-friendly design of Soft Shackles simplifies both installation and removal processes. This ease of use enhances operational efficiency and reduces the time and effort required for tasks.
  3. Flexible and easily handled: The inherent flexibility of Soft Shackles makes them easily handled, allowing for quick and secure connections. Their adjustable nature, ease of installation and removal, excellent energy absorption, flexibility, and high strength contribute to their growing popularity as a versatile and safer alternative in various industries.
  4. High strength and lightweight: Despite their lightweight construction, Soft Shackles boast high strength, courtesy of the HMPE/Dyneema® technical fiber. This combination of strength and lightweight design makes them an ideal replacement for metal shackles without compromising performance.