Pelagic trawling

UAB Netmark offers trawl netting made with Dyneema®, nylon, danline, polypropylene and polyester. Especially nettings made of Dyneema® are extra strong and extremely abrasion resistant, which makes the nettings last longer.  All nettings are manufactured based on customer wishes and always with high quality and professionalism in focus.

Pelagic trawling

Pelagic fish are species which live and feed away from the bottom of the sea or lakes. This are of water is called the Pelagic Zone and is away from the bottom of the sea or lake and also away from the shore. Pelagic waters can be divided into different zones based on depth and light penetration.

This method of fishing involves dragging a large, funnel-shaped net through the water behind a fishing vessel, targeting fish species living in the pelagic zone, close to the sea surface or in the mid-water zone. The target species living here are for example blue whiting, herring, mackerel, sperling, capelin.

The trawl net used in pelagic trawling is typically towed horizontally or below the surface of the water, sometimes several hundreds of meters under the surface. The pelagic trawl covers a wide area as the vessel moves forward. The net is designed to capture fish by herding them into the open mouth of the net, where they become ensnared as the net is pulled through the water.

Pelagic trawling can be conducted using single or multiple trawl nets, depending on the size of the fishing vessel and the target species. In some cases, specialized pelagic trawling techniques, such as pair trawling or midwater trawling, may be employed to improve efficiency and minimize bycatch.

Purse seining

Purse seine nettings are made of black twisted nylon or black braided nylon. The raw material is high quality and the nettings are impregnated with a special water-based treatment and heat set, which ensures stability and top quality.

We source our raw materials carefully and follow the quality very closely to ensure that all the delivered nettings by Netmark are working properly both in the new fishing and also in case of repairs when the panels are replaced.

Purse seine fishing is a type of commercial fishing method that involves encircling a school of fish with a large net called a purse seine. This method is commonly used to catch fish species such as mackerel, herring, capelin, and anchovies. Purse seining is widely practiced in both coastal and open ocean environments.